Top 10 Overnight Beauty Tips,how to be prettier

A stressful job, a demanding family - there are many reasons why there isn't even enough time for a quick facial peel. But don't panic, these top 10 overnight beauty tips will save you a lot of time in the morning. Even more: the regenerating sleep even supports its effect.

1. No more swollen eyes

The easiest way to prevent thick eyelids in the morning is to change the sleeping position. Either move the head of the bed slightly upwards or place a small additional pillow on the pillow.
Important: sleep on your back. In this way, no water deposits form in the sensitive area around your eye. You can support this effect if you keep your eye cream in the fridge and apply it before going to bed. The cold calms and feels good.

2. Balm for brittle hair

Argan oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil are natural helpers against hair splitting. Massage the oil into the ends of your hair in the evening. Don't forget to put a towel on the pillow to protect it from oil stains. Incidentally, this hack also works with brittle, lackluster eyelashes. Apply oil with mascara brush, put on sleep mask - done!

3. Dry shampoo for more hair volume

Dry shampoo is not only a quick help for oily strands, but also provides more volume. If you massage it into your hairline in the evening, you have more time for other things in the morning.

4. Butter-soft feet

Fast and particularly hyggele in the cold season: Rub your feet thick in the evening with foot butter, oil or corneal cream, pack them in fluffy cotton socks and let them soak in overnight. The result is well-groomed feet without cracks. If you don't have time for this procedure, you can get gel night socks from the drugstore.

5. Hair styling while sleeping

Saves time, but may not provide optimal comfort: for curls, turn papillots into damp hair and let them dry overnight. For small, curly hair, all you have to do is braid braids into your wet hair. 
Natural curls come out big in the morning if you sprayed curling spray into the tips after washing the evening before and didn't blow-dry your hair completely. The remaining moisture ensures stronger curls.

6. Less sleep lines on the face

Do you often have deep wrinkles on your cheeks or forehead that only slowly disappear in the morning? If you tend to sleep, you should change the material of your pillow case. From cotton to silk, because cotton covers have a high crumple factor.

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7. Velvety hands

Torn cuticles, dry nails and rough hands are also ideal candidates for night care. Nail oil or a nail care stick can have their full effect overnight. The same applies to hand masks, over which you best put white cotton gloves from the drugstore.

8. Moisture for a good night's sleep

Sleep is the best beauty treatment you can treat yourself to every day. Sufficient moisture in the bedroom not only prevents dry mucous membranes, but also dry skin. Especially in winter, the air is often too dry due to the heating. Flat water bowls, evaporators on the radiators or even drying laundry in the bedroom are inexpensive humidifiers.

9. Don't forget to drink water

And speaking of good nutrition, drinking water is also essential for the functioning of the body. Did you know that it is responsible for regulating body temperature, eliminating toxins, absorbing nutrients and keeping our skin hydrated?

10. Don't forget your lips 

During the night, we often tend to breathe through the mouth, which causes the lips to dry out and in the morning it can translate into cracks and cracks. Always have a lip balm on the bedside table and apply it to your lips a lot before turning off the lights.
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