Wireless CCTV Camera Types
Wireless CCTV Camera Types & Their Functions:

Wireless cameras represent a very important innovation from the point of view of security and, in general, of the recording of films and the relative transmission, and it is certainly not by chance that these latest generation technological devices have become extremely short widespread.

Compared to classic video surveillance systems, which are much more complex and articulated in their management,

the wireless cameras are very simple to use and do not require no specific technological knowledge and this also contributed to their massive diffusion.

The usefulness of wireless cameras:

These particular cameras can be chosen for the most disparate contexts, therefore for the safety of a home, a commercial establishment, an accommodation facility, a public building, just to give some examples.

The creation of a video surveillance system remains one of the most effective solutions for securing a certain environment , whether internal or external, also for this reason the purchase of technological devices such as these is highly recommended.

It is not an exaggeration to talk about these cameras as an authentic revolution as regards the possibility of creating video surveillance systems, so let's try to understand what their operation is based on and what are the different types currently available on the market.

It should also be stressed that the costs of these latest generation cameras are also particularly advantageous, as a result it would be a big mistake to give up the creation of a video surveillance system considering it an important expense:
today you can absolutely create a maximum efficiency security system with costs more than accessible even where the same requires the joint installation of several cameras in different points.

Although the first cordless video cameras were made in the 1990s, these models have spread massively only for a short time due to an increasingly substantial reduction in prices , also linked to the increase in competition: today the brands that offer cameras like these are really a lot.

How do wireless cameras work?

The functional differences between the wireless camera and the models widely used in the past are very consistent: while the video surveillance systems now obsolete are based on the installation of a series of CCTV cameras, strictly connected by wires, today by using wireless video cameras it is possible to 
create an equally effective and much more efficient security system which is based on a completely different operation.

These latest generation cameras are in fact based on the transmission of information, in this case of videos, through the Internet, not surprisingly they are often defined IP cameras, acronym for Internet Protocol.

The films made by these cameras are transmitted to a remote computer via the web, therefore it is not necessary at all for the computer to be in the vicinity of the same.

The recorded videos, of course, can be stored, and on many occasions the same manufacturer brands make available cloud spaces where users can keep the videos recorded by the cameras used.

As is known today, mobile connection devices, smartphones above all, are massively widespread, and this is not indifferent to the world of video cameras: the manufacturers of these technological articles in fact make available special Apps through which it is possible to manage the cameras comfortably from your mobile phone, or from a tablet.

There is really no doubt that IP cameras have represented a great innovation, and everything suggests that the old closed circuit systems will be gradually abandoned in favor of these much more efficient technological solutions.

Wireless CCTV Camera Installation:

methods and types of movement As regards the different installation methods, it is possible to choose between wireless support, wall or ceiling cameras : the latter two types are certainly the most common, while the support cameras are widely used especially indoors.

The reason for this is very simple: if a camera is simply placed on a surface, placing it in an external environment it could easily fall due to the wind, or while a precipitation is in progress, at the same time in external environments it is not frequent to be able to arrange of flat surfaces on which to 
place a device like this.

Some cameras are fixed others are motorized models , consequently they can move so that they can keep 

under control a larger area: some models are able to move horizontally , others vertically , moreover 

the so-called Fisheye cameras are increasingly popular , which offer an overview to 360 ° of the context that surrounds them.

In some models the movement is automatic, in others instead it is given the possibility to direct the camera remotely, also using a mobile phone or any mobile device, or using a special remote control, where present.

Wireless CCTV  Camera Types:

With technology, the market offers us a wide range of possibilities, from the most modern with Wi-Fi to those that are simply for show, and the different types of surveillance cameras according to their functions and capabilities:

1. Indoor Cameras:

CCTV Camera Types,indoor camera

They are the simplest that we can find on the market and the cheapest since they do not need as many mechanisms and protections as those used abroad.

2. Cameras with movement and zoom

CCTV Camera Types

They are usually used in large spaces with a security center where a person monitors and watches the cameras. These robotic cameras  that have the properties of pan, tilt, and zoom.For example, the most modern can do ...

3. Infrared cameras or night vision

CCTV Camera Types,infrared camera

These types of instruments are used in surveillance where there are poorly lit spaces . They normally record all day and at night automatically turn on their infrared with black and white vision. They are the most expensive on the market for LED night vision .

They are used as video surveillance cameras within a CCTV installation  ... What is a CCTV system? They are the initials of closed circuit television , which forms video surveillance technology to monitor a diversity of activities and environments where its components are linked together.

A CCTV installation will allow images received from one or more cameras to be viewed on a monitor and stored on a recording device. 

4. Hidden Cameras
CCTV Camera Types,hidden camera

They are the so-called spy cameras to monitor and surveillance a house, the office or the business going 100% unnoticed. They are introduced inside some object how; motion sensors, smoke detectors, plugs etc.

5. IP Cameras

CCTV Camera Types,IP camera

The IP camera are those that connect directly to the Internet showing the image that is displayed. They are the most used and sold on the market since they also currently include Wi-Fi and you can manage them and see the images they capture from your computer, smartphone or tablet .
CCTV Camera Types

The main advantage of the IP camera is that it is a video surveillance device that allows images to be viewed in real time at a distance , through connection to an Internet IP address.

We can find them for sale with technical specifications for normal consumption, for the home, or more developed for professionals.

As we can see in the following image there are a lot of shapes and models, which also include other functions such as a wifi ip camera :

6. Vandal-proof Cameras

CCTV Camera Types,vandal proof camera

They are used in public transit areas vulnerable to theft and possible aggression. It is mounted on a fixed and resistant housing. It is usually used a lot in warehouses, parking, discos, public roads and in general in any outdoor space.

7. Wifi or wireless Cameras

CCTV Camera Types,wifi camera

They are those that are not directly connected by a cable. Normally it has a battery that makes them work and transmit the data through WiFi .

CCTV Camera Types

They are used inside the home, for example, to see how the children or the baby are, and also technology has been incorporated into IP cameras to work directly with internet monitoring.

8. Exterior Cameras
CCTV Camera Types,exterior camera

These types of cameras are designed to resist weather actions (rain, wind ... ect) and are used in outdoor spaces. When we buy an outdoor camera, the price is usually more expensive, mainly due to the protective housing.

9. All-in-one Cameras

CCTV Camera Types

With the advances in technology, there has been a reduction in the price of the type of camera that you 

can find in a store, so they have been incorporating different elements so that they can have more functions.

For example, there are models that are both indoors and outdoors, that use Wi-Fi and monitoring is via 

the Internet, whether on a computer or mobile. In the end we can have a security installation with 

cameras as complex as we want and more if we use home automation in the home installation .
CCTV Camera Types

In addition, surveillance cameras are sold in a kit format , for example:

They are also classified and distinguished according to their shape, which can mainly be the following, 

although nowadays the imagination goes a long way in their designs:

Cube cameras (Inside)
Box cameras (Indoor)
Bullet cameras (For outdoor)
Dome cameras (Indoor and outdoor)

CCTV Camera Types

Advantages wireless video surveillance

Choosing wireless video surveillance cameras has a number of  advantages .

It should be immediately pointed out that, compared to the classic closed circuit models, they are  much more practical , because as previously reported they greatly reduce the use of wires and cables. 

This practicality, as you can easily guess, also pours on the aesthetic aspect.

In evaluating the positive aspects of this type of cameras, these two elements are certainly the ones that are most highlighted by manufacturers and sellers.

However, the advantages also include the  greater ease and practicality of installation , which allows even the less experienced to be able to proceed with the installation of their own camera or a more complex surveillance system.

The possibility of  do-it-yourself installation  also allows for  significant final savings  on the activation of the video surveillance system. This way you can easily amortize a major investment in the wireless camera.

Finally, one of the main positive aspects of these models of cameras is that they offer you the possibility to check  at any time  and  from any place  what happens in the area under video surveillance.

The remote control, the apps and the possibility of connecting to your camera from any internet point will allow you to be always quiet even when you are not near your home, shop, office or other property environment.

Disadvantages of wireless video surveillance

However, despite a series of interesting features, wireless video surveillance cameras also have  some disadvantages .

The first and most important is that related to the  quality of the wireless signal . This, in fact, could be disturbed by the proximity of other devices that use the same technology (think for example of ADSL stations for surfing the internet).

Another problem related to the connection is given by the presence of any  barriers  that can slow down or block the signal itself.

The walls, for example, slow down the propagation of the signal thus reducing the operating distance of the signal.

These two problems must be carefully considered when installing the cameras as, conversely, you could risk installing the cameras in  shaded areas , where the signal is not well received or where it has high interference.

Wireless CCTV Cameras Price:

Defining the  price  of a wireless video camera is not easy. The different models, in fact, can present  very different costs to  each other depending on the brand, functions and model.

As has already been pointed out, for example, a first difference must be made between indoor and outdoor models.

The latter are made with more resistant and waterproof materials in order to withstand not only wind and 

sun but also rain, ice and snow. Some advanced models also have shields for shooting against the sun.

Other parameters that affect prices are, of course, those related to the  functions  of the cameras.

The more advanced models have  sensors  that allow you to detect suspicious movements within the 

shooting view and activate recording only in case of need. In this case they send an  alarm signal  to the mobile device with which they are connected.

Another factor that can influence the  cost of a camera  is the  quality of the shooting , both day and night.

Today, almost all modern video cameras are equipped with night vision, i.e. an infra-red system that allows you to shoot even in the absence of light.

However, the image quality and the maximum shooting distance vary from model to model and of course affect the cost of the camera itself.

Finally, you must always keep in mind that the purchase of a single indoor video camera is absolutely 

not comparable with that of an entire outdoor video surveillance system. In fact, you can go from spending around fifty euros to costs that exceed one thousand.


To conclude, it can be stressed that wireless cameras are certainly very convenient, especially for indoor use.

In closed contexts, such as in an apartment or office, you can appreciate the practicality and the improvement of the aesthetic impact  of a  wireless system  capable of ensuring the same performance as classic cameras.

In the case of outdoor surveillance systems it is essential to carefully evaluate the signal quality as well as the possible presence of barriers that could alter this parameter.

Of course, as all wireless electronic devices can have not only strengths but also disadvantages:

 for this reason, before purchasing a single wireless video camera or an entire system, it is essential to check the  quality of the network  wireless, in order not to risk areas of shadow that would not allow the transmission of the information, images and recorded videos.


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