How To Stop biting Your Nails

26 Pro Tips To Stop Picking Your Nails:

Addiction to biting your nails makes anyone's hands look awful and, additionally to damaging those parts of your fingers, also can affect the health of your teeth and gums. If you've got this problem, read the article below to find out some ways to fight it.

Method 1: Keeping nails healthy

1. Go to the manicure whenever possible. 

She will convince you to prevent biting your nails with all the work you're getting to do. additionally , when using enamel, the will to bite nails decreases, as many of us are afraid of damaging the decoration in the region. Try not to let that happen and turn to professionals when necessary.

2. Keep your nails relatively short. 

how to stop nail biting

You just need to take care of them a little to keep them healthy. To do this, cut them regularly.
  • Trim your nails whenever they get too long. Keep a cutter in an accessible place in order that you're not tempted to gnaw on something that's not even long enough

3. Reinsert the cuticles from time to time. 

Many people do not have the "moons" at the base of the nails 
because the cuticles are exposed.

To avoid this, carefully tuck them in the direction of your fingers to reveal more of that region. Leave to do this after showering, when your hands are wet.

  • Nails will look longer and more attractive, which can also motivate you to prevent biting them.

4. Adopt a healthy diet. 

A good diet improves the overall functioning of the body and helps nails to repair and grow properly.To do this, eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium, because the lack of these nutrients in the body enhances urge to bite your nails.

  • Eggs, soy, whole grains and liver are samples of foods that improve nail growth.. Sulfur minerals found in products such as apples, cucumbers, grapes, garlic, asparagus and onions are also welcome.

  • The essential fatty acids found in tuna, salmon, shellfish, leafy, nuts and seeds also are available handy. they're essential for human metabolic processes and help to stay nails shiny and supple.

5. Celebrate gradual advances

Don't be afraid to point out your nails to your friends or maybe people you do not know well. Say "Do you think I bitten my nails?"

  • Take pictures of your nails and praise their beauty. You can even develop them and make a comparison with a photo of how they were before - to show that you are capable of radically changing.

Method 2: Occupying hands and mouth

1. Change your nail biting addiction to a healthy habit. 

Put it into practice every time you are tempted. 

Some people wish to drum their fingers, clap their hands, put their hands in their pockets, or simply check out a selected object. Choose any habit that's not harmful and help (or a minimum of don't hinder) your recovery.

  • Always walk with a elastic band , a coin or something in your hands to play once you desire biting your nails.
  • Distract your hands once you bite your nails, like when you're anxious or during a boring class. Find new habits according to where you are: start writing very thoughtful texts during class; keep fiddling with the keys when you're driving in a car, etc.
  • Buy a jar of modeling clay or play.Use it to distract yourself once you desire biting your nails. 
  • Keep a small coin in your pockets and play with it when you are tempted.
  • Finally, choose a habit that doesn't involve eating or biting anything - to interrupt this oral fixation.

2. Distract your hands with a new hobby. 

It will not only fight your addiction, but you'll also discover a replacement interest.
  • There are countless hobbies that help keep your hands busy: cleaning the house, building models and miniatures, knitting or crocheting, running and doing other activities outdoors or maybe painting and decorating your nails.This way you'll stop picking your fingernails.

  • Do something with clay or plaster. These products get your hands dirty and have a strong taste (salty, in the case of clay, and chalk, in the case of plaster) that it takes to get out of the nails. Do anything to fight addiction.

3. Keep your mouth busy. 

how to stop nail biting

The ideal is to avoid developing any serious oral fixation, but you can use some basic tricks to occupy your mouth and reduce the time you spend biting your nails. Here are some suggestions:
  • Chew gum or sweets during the day. Biting your nails is difficult once you have some candy in your mouth. additionally the feeling of gnawing at them mixed with the flavour of gum or candy is disgusting.

  • Make small snacks throughout the day. Do not overdo it (in order not to gain weight), but eat some healthy and small things, like carrots or celery, when you feel like putting something in your mouth.

  • Walk with a bottle whenever possible to hydrate yourself when the urge arises.

4. Apply nail polish. 

how to stop nail biting

The vibrant and striking color of the nail polish can discourage you from picking the skin around your nails. 
  • Choose a color you like so you won't be tempted to gnaw.
  • Make some more creative nail designs to be even more immune to addiction
  • Make it a hobby. If you employ nail enamel long enough, your nails will grow back normally!

Method 3: Using a product that stops picking your fingernails

1. Apply some inhibitory enamel on the nails to stop addiction. 

Go to local drugstores and cosmetics stores or access any of the numerous sales sites available on the internet.
  • Read the instructions before using any product. generally you'll need to apply it on your nails as if they were normal nail polishes. once you attempt to gnaw on them without realizing it, you'll taste it and gradually get wont to avoiding it.

2. Apply  an answer to your nails several times each day 

 First, you'll apply a transparent base coat over the inhibitor to form it last longer and leave the nail surface smooth. This surface also will assist you remember to not gnaw them - and in some cases, it's enough to assist .

3. Use different solutions. 

As stated above, there are several different inhibitors on the market. If one among them doesn't work or if you get too wont to the taste, just change to a different one and continue the method.

4. Keep using the solution until you stop picking your nails.

Even after you are able to overcome your addiction, you can continue to use the inhibitor to display your progress.

If you are tempted to bite your nails again in the future, smell the solution to remember how unpleasant it is.

Method 4: Painting the nails

1. Apply nail polish. 

Use a robust color (like red or black), which can look pretty ugly if you are trying to gnaw. If you do not like tones like that, sand them and apply some product that stimulates growth or maybe petrolatum .
It is harder to offer in to the habit when the nails are beautiful.

2. Use false nails. 

how to stop nail biting

This is another legal thanks to fight addiction. attend the sweetness salon for knowledgeable acrylic treatment. The accessories last for weeks and, once you want to require them off, the important nails are going to be intact.

  • Get a costlier treatment with artificial nails if you're determined to prevent they're going to cause you to consider about gnawing and ruining your entire investment.
3. Wear gloves. 

Keep a pair of gloves in the back pocket of your pants and wear them when you feel like nibbling. You'll be even more motivated if you have to use the accessories in public - especially if it's hot.

  • If you have to write or do something else that is complicated with gloves in your hands, you will be even more motivated to stop biting your nails. 
Method 5: Overcome addiction one nail at a time

1. Choose one nail to "protect" each time. 

Observe them and start with the one that is more damaged than the others. 

  • If you can't get rid of the addiction at once, it is easier to move from nail to nail instead of trying to do everything straight.

2. Stay a couple of days without biting that nail. 

You may not even need help - but, if you need to, apply an adhesive bandage on your fingertip so you don't have access to it and thus be less tempted.

3. See what proportion more beautiful the nail is than the others. 

After a few days, it will grow and become much healthier.

  • Do not bite that nail in this period. If you cannot resist, roast one among the opposite nine, which are "released". Sometimes it's even good to understand that you simply can bite another nail, albeit you do not .

4. Choose another nail to stop biting.

 After the primary one grows, replace it with another one. In that

time, leave her and therefore the second nails intact so as to not undo your progress and need to return to face one!

5. Repeat the method until you avoid biting all of your nails. 

If you have a lot of desire to bite your nails, do the reverse of the process and focus on only one of them. Thus, at least you will be able to reduce the damage.

Method 6: Covering nails with adhesive bandages

how to stop nail biting

1. Put adhesive bandages on the nails. 

Cover the whole tip of every finger with these dressings.

2. Leave the bandages on your fingers a day until you stop picking your nails. 

Change them every time you shower, when they get dirty or soggy or after a few days.

  • You can remove the bandages on special occasions or even leave them on your fingers to be embarrassed and even more motivated to stop picking your nails.
  • You can remove the bandages at night to let your skin "breathe" - unless you bite your nails while sleeping. 

3. Remove the bandages after a few weeks. 

The brain needs a minimum of 21 days to quit an addiction; prepare to use the dressings for this era and only take them off afterwards.

  • The best thanks to hand over an addiction is to exchange it for a healthier or more neutral hobby or habit. For example: change your nail biting addiction to the habit of chewing sugarless gum or squeezing a rubber ball while wearing bandages.This will make the method tons easier
4. Observe the progress of the nails. 

If you bite your nails again, re-use the bandages for a extended period or try another strategy.
  • Some research indicates that it can take up to 3 months for an individual to interrupt a habit. So don't think the method goes to be quick for you. Keep trying, even after removing the bandages.
  • You can paint your nails, get knowledgeable treatment or use an inhibitor even after removing the bandages


Understand when you have to seek help. If the problem is so serious that you always bite your nails, cause bleeding in your cuticles or even lose your nails for good, you may not be able to treat yourself. In that case, consult a doctor as soon as possible to find out if the condition is not a symptom of something more serious, such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

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