Short Stories For Kids

Short Stories For Kids:

When things have to go fast - fantastic good night stories and children's stories with a reading time of at most 5 minutes . For those who need a quick bedtime story because it's late. Or also for everyone who is  looking for short children's stories for more variety in the daily reading round.

Your little slumber wishes you a lot of fun with the short stories for young and old!

1. The Strange Girl

Short Stories For Kids

One day a new girl came to kindergarten. Everyone thought she was strange because she only spoke in rhymes. "Why are you talking so funny?" Asked little Marla the girl. The girl answered: "I'm not talking funny. It's kind of astronomical and kind of stupid. ”Then she went on. Marla stood there with her mouth open: "Astro ... what?" 

The more the girl spoke, the more children began to speak in rhymes. "Hello Ms. Kindergarten teacher, I have something in mind. I would like another tea. Would that be okay?"

The kindergarten teachers were amazed at the children, who now spoke only in rhymes, but they also found it funny. And so they took part themselves: “Hello dear children, we are now playing a game. The inventor's things. Winning is the goal. "

It wasn't long before everyone in kindergarten spoke only in rhymes. When the parents picked up their children, they were very surprised that everything their children said rhymed: “We were almost only outside, I could hardly catch a breath. It was so much fun. Didn't even think about the time. Now you're here and pick me up, can I still play short and sweet? "

The parents thought it was strange. Marla's mom asked Marla why she was talking so weird. Marla replied: 

"I'm not talking funny, that would be tremendous. Quite astronomical and kind of stupid. ”Marla's mom stood there with her mouth open:“ Astro… what? ”She asked - but Marla was already out of earshot.

The parents looked puzzled. But then they began to rhyme themselves without noticing it: “I see my child playing there. One among many. But it speaks in rhymes. Will it stay that way? ”Another mother turned around:“ I can say no, at least I don't believe it. But you too were speaking in rhymes - almost like a poem. ”Then everyone had to laugh.

Now a father intervened: "What should I say to my wife when she hears the child talking? I don't want to 

complain, but I'm a little confused. "

And so the parents began to rhyme. Then the friends of the parents and it wasn't long before the whole country rhymed and who didn't rhyme was strange.

Then one day a strange girl came to kindergarten. It spoke without rhyme. Marla came and said: “You talk so funny. That is tremendous. Quasi astronomical and kind of stupid. "

The strange girl asked in astonishment: "Astro ... what?" Marla looked at her: "No idea what that means but it sounds great," said Marla, shrugging her shoulders. Then the strange girl smiled and said: "I am Luisa. 
Do you want to be my friend, even if it doesn't rhyme with what I say? ”Marla considered for a moment. Then she took Luisa's hand and said: "Sure! Let's play. I'll show you our really great play 
area. "

And so the children gradually stopped rhyming again. Then the kindergarten teachers stopped rhyming. 

Then the parents, the friends of the parents and soon the whole country.

And what do we learn from history? So weird becomes normal and normal becomes weird. But no matter how you are, it's good the way it is.

2. Baggi's unwanted slide:

Baggi loves digging big holes. For the fact that Baggi is still such a small excavator, it can be done 
Short Stories For Kids

really quickly. Once he grows up, he wants to be as big and powerful an excavator as his dad. The dredges huge piles of earth and rubble from one end of the construction site to the other in no time.

It would take the construction workers days. A powerful excavator like Baggis Papa can do this in a few hours.

Baggi likes to help his papa digging and he has often been to construction sites. So often that he knows the area like his own excavator shovel. But that doesn't mean that something doesn't go wrong every now and then.

A house is to be built today. For this, the construction workers need a big hole in the ground. Said and done. Baggi is getting started. Although he can dig really quickly, he has to put in a lot to keep up with his dad.

The hole gets bigger and bigger, scoop after scoop. But bucket after bucket it gets deeper quickly. Baggi is so energetic and keen to show his father what he can do to make him overzealous.

It rolls faster and faster between the excavated earth and the hole. It starts to drizzle. Baggis Papa immediately calls for a bad weather break - because safety comes first! But Baggi is fully involved right now and does not dream of stopping now.

But the wetter the earth gets, the slippery it gets. Baggi suddenly starts to skid. He dashes towards the hole with momentum. The little Baggi tries to brake, even startled by the unwanted slide and full of effort. But once you're slipping, even the best brakes don't help.

Baggi has an idea. He pushes his little shovel into the ground with all his strength. Now he is pulling a deep furrow and an ever increasing pile of mud behind him. So little Baggi tries to brake. And his plan also seems to be working, because he is slowing down bit by bit.

But unfortunately he came up with this brilliant idea too late, because he is now on the edge of the hole and is desperately trying to shift his weight forward so as not to slip into the huge hole.

Baggi's slide happened so quickly that Baggi's dad hadn't even noticed the rapid spectacle. When he sees Baggi standing on the tip, he rushes to help his son.

The wet floor does not make it easy for him. And so he is one tire too late. The small excavator slips straight into the hole in front of him. The wet earth that he had piled up during the slide slides behind him.
Short Stories For Kids

Soiled and stained with mud and dirt, the small excavator is now squatting in the huge hole. No matter how hard he tries to get out, he finds no hold. The wheels spin in the wet earth and he only digs deeper into the earth. Even his strong dad can't get to him now.

“Just stay calm my boy. We'll get you out of there! ”Calls Baggis Papa. Then he looks up and sees the construction workers standing on the other side of the hole. They are sprinkled with mud from top to bottom. Baggi had tried so hard to get out of the hole that the mud in the high bows flew to the construction workers. These now stand on the edge like poured poodles and wipe the muddy floor off their faces.

Fortunately, on the construction site you are a big family and not resentful at all. Because something can go wrong, especially during construction work. It is only important that you help each other then.

The foreman knocks the dirt off the radio. Then he immediately informs the crane operator: "Excavator in need!".

Baggi is relieved to be happy to have solid ground under his wheels again. But he's embarrassed too. For one thing, he should have listened to the safety regulations and thus also to his dad. And on the other hand, everyone will definitely make fun of him and tell funny stories about him.

But to Baggi's astonishment, nobody makes fun of him. But on the contrary. Everyone is very concerned about the small excavator and is asking him if everything is good and how it could have happened? Baggi tells the story from the beginning. After a while he realizes that he is telling a funny story about himself. And that's really funny! The construction workers have a lot of fun listening to Baggi's story. 

And since it is raining right now, there is no more work anyway. But laughed a lot and Baggi laughs heartily!


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