Coronavirus Quarantine

Staying at home because of corona virus here are Top 20 Ideas to make most of your Quarantine

Business and schools close , events are canceled and more and more people work in the home office: With the arrival of the corona virus all over the world, our everyday life has already changed drastically. 

People who may or have been diagnosed with the coronavirus will be placed in home quarantine unless they need hospital treatment  . And even healthy people should prefer to stay at home to prevent infection.

So right now we're spending a lot of time at home - and that could be even more in the next few days. We have put together 

20 Ideas to make the most of Coronavirus Quarantine

1. Do the spring cleaning

Coronavirus Quarantine

Those who spend a lot of time in their own four walls want to have it as beautiful as possible. So how about an extensive spring cleaning?

If you are constantly on the move, it quickly goes under that the windows can be cleaned and the kitchen cupboards wiped out - now the perfect opportunity for all these things has come!

If the apartment is really clean, you will feel like a new person.

2. Clean out the closet and apartment

This is also a task that brings relief and satisfaction: Use the time to separate yourself from old clothes and discard everything that you haven't worn for a while.

 You will be delighted with the neatly tidy wardrobe afterwards - and then the apartment will feel much emptier again!

With a few small tricks, it becomes very easy to muck out your wardrobe and apartment

3. Take time for DIY projects

Be it making macrame, painting watercolors or improving hand lettering skills: Have you made it a long time ago to shovel free time for a craft hobby and preferred to go to the cinema or restaurant instead? 

Now that we have to stay at home anyway, we finally come to such creative projects - and can simply make one or the other spring decoration ourselves.

4. Watch films and series without a guilty conscience

Especially when the weather is nice, you tend to feel guilty if you don't move away from the sofa for hours and do nothing but watch series or films. 

But if we have to stay at home anyway, binge watching will finally remove this bad aftertaste!

5. Make wellness consciously

Use the time to deliberately treat yourself to a pampering day at home : sleep well, take a long bath, put on a face mask and do a thorough pedicure. 
At the moment we should pay special attention to ourselves and others - and wellness is extremely beneficial for both the body and the soul.

6. Continue exercising

Coronavirus Quarantine

If you are used to going to the gym or the park regularly, it will be hard for you to have to do without it. Try to complete your sports workload in your own four walls and thus create a balance.

A quick full body workout is also possible at home without any problems. You can perform    
Ab workoutBack workout and other exercises.
This not only strengthens the muscles, but also stretches the body and ensures balance

7. Meditate and practice mindfulness

Crouching at home and as a family can be quite stressful. Meditation helps to remain calm during this time, because regular meditation ensures calm and serenity and works against stress.

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness in which you fully engage in what is happening. We have to accept the current situation and make the best of it

8. YOGA | It is never too late to listen to yourself

Coronavirus Quarantine

Although the pace of our lives has slowed down substantially, mental health can suffer these days. For this reason, if you have not yet started practicing  yoga at home , it may be a good time to start.

Take it easy, start small. Yoga is a discipline that requires patience and, above all, time. Now that you can take a break to listen to yourself it is a very good opportunity to enter the yogi world.

Depending on the type of yoga you choose, you will focus more on meditation, exercising your body or breathing, or better yet, a combination of all three. To start from scratch and go little by little.

And just like if you start practicing a sports routine, be careful, don't get hurt, and if any posture hurts, avoid it.

9. Have the courage to be bored

In our hectic everyday life, we hardly know the feeling of real boredom - but it can be really nice! 

Just stare out the window or at the ceiling for a while if you feel like it. Now there is an opportunity to slow down and think about the things that really matter: cohesion, family - and health, which hopefully the quarantine measures will preserve as many people as possible.

10. Read unread books

At least half of all books that are on a shelf like this have not been read. Passed over and postponed to a later date, you can now simply take five books and maybe make a beautiful literary discovery that has been dormant for a long time. You don't even have to leave your own four walls for this.

11. Fasting for the immune system

Coronavirus Quarantine

Those who are not always concerned with weight loss, It has been scientifically proven that fasting has various positive effects on health. Among other things, the temporary waiver of solid food also strengthens the immune system. During the corona quarantine, there is an unusual amount of time to take care of your own diet. And when you're in the home office, you don't get a greasy donut from your colleague.

Nevertheless: Do not plunge headlong into a fasting cure. Healthy people without physical and mental illnesses can consider a fasting cure, but should contact their family doctor for the time being.

12.Write a diary

If we are not in a pandemic, we rarely come to reflect on our everyday life and our thoughts. Get up, work, dinner, Netflix or book, sleep. In an extreme situation like the Corona crisis we stop again and ask the inner voice - How am I actually? It is not for nothing that "journaling" has become a trend. 

Writing a diary can help you live more consciously and bring order to everyday chaos. During home corona quarantine, it can help maintain structure and keep a cool head.

13. Make the balcony fit

Coronavirus Quarantine

It's a bit ironic: there is a pandemic. Many people are bad and they are afraid. However, the current house arrest is a good opportunity to make the home balcony fit for spring and summer. 

Nevertheless: Hopefully in 2020 we won't be spending more time on the balcony than we would like.

14. Washing and ironing

Why not wash and iron all of your shirts, blouses, towels and bed linen again. Stowed freshly folded in the closet, it all looks good in the freshly cleaned and mucked-out room. An all-round nice feeling.

15. Stop smoking

While you wander through your home office in your pajamas and check in emails from the boss one by one, the working day just doesn't want to go away. And you just want to quickly get back on the cozy couch. 

Smokers will know: One boredom cigarette creeps in quickly after another. Otherwise you only smoked a smoke with your colleagues at the end of the day ... And that's exactly where the opportunity lies! 

There are better options than smoking a cigarette to fill five minutes. So - glow sticks in the trash and look forward to a healthier life after quarantine.

16. Realize a project

Coronavirus Quarantine

Anyone who has always wanted to write a short story or paint a landscape can now realize their project. 

The living room can easily be converted into a writing room or a studio and there are no limits to creativity. The world is waiting for works like "The Corona Elegies" or "Self-Portrait with Virus".
But joking aside, you don't have to produce a work of the century to be happy about your own text or picture.

17. Call the family

Call the long forgotten aunt, the old uncle, the grandparents, the siblings, nephews, the parents or the children again. Of course we talk to our closest relatives in times of the pandemic, but there are also family members that you only see every jubilee year. It's a good thing. But now would be the opportunity to call them again. 

You can always talk about Corona and if it gets too boring, then your own art project or the tidy apartment would also be worth mentioning.

18. Finally cook again

Coronavirus Quarantine

One of the absolute plus points is the culinary variety. The selection of restaurants with food from all over the world is sometimes overwhelming - and then you can also fill your stomach for moderate prices.

 Seen in this way, the Corona quarantine offers the chance to finally cook again - or to learn it. The supermarkets are open and the possibilities are endless: curry, roast and pasta are not rocket science, they need concentrated cooks and some love. 
And the smell that spreads in the kitchen after cooking creates a feeling of security that is priceless.

19. To learn something

Coronavirus Quarantine

Well, you might have to turn on the computer for that. Actually, these should be tips without a screen, but on YouTube you can find instructions on almost every topic.

The time-out can be used to learn new vocabulary, a few chords or the fine art of meditation. 

20. Just do nothing

Coronavirus Quarantine

Just don't think about the pandemic and corona quarantine you're in. Withdraw and slow down. Switch off your smartphone and computer and really relax. Don't talk to anyone, don't think about anything. 

It's hard, but maybe the pandemic is also a good time to think about the really important things in life. And if you can't do that, you can hear a nice podcast.

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