How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer And Antiseptic Wipes
How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer and Antiseptic Wipes:

It is one of the tools recommended by WHO to avoid contagion from Covid-19 , which is essential to stop 

the spread of germs and viruses. you can not wash your hands right away with soap and water, it is important to take with us a disinfectant gel for hands without rinsing that will allow us to sanitize immediately after touching products and other materials.

Unfortunately, the stocks of hand sanitizers seem to have run out. Untraceable in pharmacies as well as 

in supermarkets and specialty shops has literally snapped up , putting millions of people in crisis who have to leave for work and needs. Fortunately, creating a do-it-yourself hand sanitizer gel is very simple, like the DIY Coronavirus masks .

You just have to be careful not to ruin everything, making sure that the tools used for mixing are 

properly disinfected otherwise the risk is to contaminate everything.

The World Health Organization in its guide recommends leaving the preparation to rest for at least 72 

hours after doing it. In this way the hand sanitizer has time to kill all the bacteria that may have 

been introduced during the mixing process.

Homemade Hand sanitizer: tutorials

There are several recipes for creating a hand sanitizing gel similar to DIY amuchina, depending on 

whether you want to create an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with hydrogen peroxide , perfumed or natural 

. Very obviously it will depend on the products available at home. Also, if you're getting bored at home, this could be one of the things to do in quarantine to pass the time.

The first do-it-yourself hand sanitizer that we offer is the official WHO one that you can do with 

things that we probably already have in the pantry or under the sink, so it is effective in emergency situations.

The other recipe based on natural ingredients is a little more complex, but easy to make if you have the 

opportunity to buy the necessary products. Many of these items are rapidly running out due to high 

demand. There is a greater chance of finding them in a small shop, but your priority now is to stay indoors. So go out only if strictly necessary.

Let's see how we can prepare a DIY hand sanitizer gel at home , with easily available ingredients.

How to make Amuchina at home: 

The WHO recipe

The ingredients needed to prepare the hand sanitizer gel according to WHO indications are:

Ethyl alcohol;
Hydrogen peroxide diluted with distilled or boiled water.
The doses
To prepare a liter of disinfectant , he explains the WHO document (where you can also see all the steps 

to make it) which is part of the material developed by the Organization for hand washing and is not 

specific for coronavirus, should be used about:

833 mml of 96% ethyl alcohol ;
42 milliliters of 3% hydrogen peroxide ;
15 milliliters of 98% glycerine, then bringing the resulting solution to the volume of 1 liter with sterile water.

The water to be used must be distilled or boiled and then cooled .
To prepare the alcohol-based hand sanitizer we will need a clean container where the level of one liter 

is marked . The container can be made of plastic or glass, while the solution can be mixed with plastic, metal or wooden tools.

At this point we pour 833 ml of alcohol, then, with a syringe, we take 42 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 

add it to the alcohol by mixing. Now the most complicated part arrives: we have to add 15 ml of 

glycerin, which however is very dense and therefore it will take patience.

At this point we mix well and add the water that we boiled to reach the total volume of one liter. Here, 

we have a liter of liquid hand sanitizer that we can use to fill our bottles and those of all our family members.

DIY Natural Hand Sanitizers

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer And Antiseptic Wipes

The perfumed hand sanitizer based on aloe vera recipe is as follows:

Liquid bicarbonate 20 ml;
Aloe vera gel 30 ml approximately;
5 drops of tea tree oil;
5 drops of thyme essential oil;
5 drops of rosemary essential oil;

As for the tools we will need:
1 container;
1 chopper;
1 Teaspoon;
1 dispenser.

How to Make Natural Hand Sanitizer?

First you need to cut an aloe vera leaf and extract the pulp. If you do not have an aloe vera plant available, the pure aloe vera gel available on the market will also be fine. At this point put the pulp in the blender and mix to obtain the aloe vera gel.

Now we just have to combine all the ingredients, mix them and pour the gel obtained in a container with a dispenser, to use comfortably if necessary.

By following this tutorial you can also make the hand sanitizer in a very short time and economically:
In conclusion: the measures to combat the contagion from Covid-19 If they had told us two months ago that we would face one of the most serious epidemics in history , 

probably no one would have believed it. Still, that's exactly what's happening. Everyone is called to do 

their part, taking every measure necessary to safeguard their own health and that of others.

Other tips:

Hand sanitizers need to have a strength of at least 60 percent isopropyl alcohol.
You must cover your hands thoroughly and then let the hand sanitizer dry.
If your hands are heavily soiled or greasy, then, according to the CDC, a hand sanitizer isn’t going to do much.

The CDC also offers these tips on when and how you should wash your hands.

DIY Antiseptic Wipes

In order to make DIY antiseptic Wipes,take a paper towel and dab it in a 1 cup of rubbing alchol(atleast 65 % alchol).Then add 1 tablespoon of dish soap in it and mix well.use this mixture to wipe down any surface.

Hope this article is helpful for you


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