Stress Relieving Activities

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. We show you Top 16 fun stress relieving activities that stars also use to counteract the stress.

While some only feel such pressure from time to time, the burden for others has become an integral part of their everyday life.

Such constant exposure can make you sick. Reason enough to declare war on your own stress with targeted measures. With these tips, more relaxation returns to the often hectic everyday life.

Stress can be good - or make you sick:

Stress is nothing negative at first. On the contrary: in some situations, stress benefits us. It helps us to react quickly in dangerous situations. This can give us a decisive advantage.

In addition, stress causes a short-term increase in our concentration and performance.

The negative consequences of permanent stress:

Constant stress is not just stressful. It also has physical and psychological consequences. For many sufferers, this includes headaches, tension, back pain and stomach problems.

Many affected people find it difficult to concentrate. In many cases, this leads to an exacerbation of the problem.

Cardiovascular diseases are often the result of such permanent pressure. Weight gain is also common because stress hormones such as cortisol slow down the metabolism.

Food cravings are also often the result of physical and mental pressure - and in turn have a negative effect on your own fitness and thus well-being. The burden also extends to private life and interpersonal relationships.

This can lead to a vicious circle that exacerbates the problem.

Those who often feel stressed can effectively reduce their own stress with targeted approaches. Simple measures are often sufficient to calm down again.we will discuss top 16 fun stress relieving activities to lower down the stress.

However, if the permanent stress already has serious negative consequences - such as a burnout - it makes sense to consult a doctor or psychotherapist.

Top 16 Stress Relieving Activities:

1. Exercise in the fresh air

Stress Relieving Activities

A good way to relax is to take a walk . If you go for a walk, you are not only training your immune system. It also supplies the brain with oxygen and does something for its own fitness.

In stressful situations, walks especially help to clear your head. Stress hormones are reduced by exercise in the fresh air. According to studies, the movement also benefits from sleep quality.

Those who exercise regularly outdoors can reduce high blood pressure, slow the progression of diabetes and prevent depression. In addition, walking strengthens muscles and bones.

A walk in the forest is particularly recommended. The Japanese also know how good forest walks do - they call this traditional activity Shinrin-Yoku, in German forest bathing.

Moving in the forest has all the advantages that a normal walk also offers. The air we breathe in the forest is particularly clean due to the filtration through the trees. It contains far fewer pollutants than the typical city air, which is full of exhaust gases and fine dust.

According to scientists, a special effect results from the messenger substances that trees and plants exchange with each other. We also unconsciously absorb these so-called terpenes. They strengthen our immune system.

Those who regularly go for a walk in the forest have more killer cells in their blood. This helps prevent cancer and other diseases.

Even a short walk can strengthen the body's defenses - and reduce stress. If you take a deep breath while walking, you can increase the positive effect.

In acute stress situations it is therefore a good idea to go outside for a few minutes. The lunch break at work is a good opportunity to do this.

2. Laugh heartily more often

Laughing is healthy. Laughing, smiling and grinning help to lower the pulse significantly. This not only reduces feelings of stress, but also benefits heart health.

The mouth movement is also said to have a positive effect on the body's defenses. Even pain can take a back seat, as studies have shown.

In 2001, a California researcher found that laughter activates killer cells. With this, the body acts particularly effectively against pathogens.

When laughing, the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood also drops. If you laugh a lot, you automatically relax.

Even a forced smile or laugh has a positive effect on the heartbeat. Those who often feel stressed should make use of it and, if necessary, laugh or grin without reason.

In a study, researchers were able to prove that even an unconscious smile has this positive effect.

This effect is the reason that optimists usually manage stress better than pessimists.

Because of their positive attitude towards life, stressful situations are less likely to harm them.

Reason enough to laugh heartily more often. It is of secondary importance whether we enjoy ourselves through a funny film, smile at a joke or just grin at ourselves in the mirror when everything is getting too much.

3. Meditation helps to relax in a targeted manner

Stress Relieving Activities,relaxation

It is well known that meditation is a good way to relax. If you meditate regularly - preferably every day - you can take targeted breaks from everyday life.

Meditation demonstrably changes the brain mass. This in turn affects how much stress and anxiety can affect us.

In other words, those who meditate regularly feel less stressed and are also more relaxed about stressful situations.

When meditating, it is important to have a quiet place where you are not disturbed. Your own posture should be comfortable - the best thing is a comfortable, upright seat, for example on a sofa or chair. A yoga mat is also suitable for this.

Apps, videos on the Internet or CDs help you learn the right technique. Users are flexible in the design of meditation.

You can meditate for ten, 20 or two minutes. For beginners it makes sense to start with smaller units.

If you get along well with ten minutes of meditation, you can gradually extend this time. The effect is often particularly great.

In acute stressful situations, a short meditation of just a few minutes often helps to feel more relaxed again and to shake off feelings of fainting.

The positive effect of meditation depends on how focused we are. If our thoughts wander, we can learn to notice this.

Over time, this happens less and less - we can really switch off. It's not about suppressing any thoughts.

Rather, the goal is to be aware of it at all - and then to let it move in a targeted manner.

Meditation is not just a good relaxation technique. It also helps fundamentally to improve your own well-being and to be more satisfied.

The actor Russell Brand also relies on meditation. "I meditate often. It connects you to an energy source that is much more powerful than the material world in which we mainly operate. It helps you relax and come down. "


Stress Relieving Activities,relax

Yoga is another good stress relieving activity
Yoga is a proven way to reduce stress and ensure a good work-life balance.

The physical exercises ( asanas ) are not primarily about physical fitness, but about self-control and serenity.

“Yoga is not performance-based. It is not critical to do an exercise perfectly. Rather, it is about letting the flow of thought settle down and surrender completely to the moment, ”says Nicole Plinz, therapeutic director of the day clinic for stress medicine in Hamburg.

Yoga aims at the connection between body and mind, breath and movement. The gaze is directed inwards, also with the aim of accepting yourself.

This frees us to live in harmony with our possibilities and skills, and also to escape the standards of our performance society.

Spiritual forms of yoga such as Kundalini may be better suited to relieve stress than, for example, power yoga .

Are you a beginner and want to learn yoga? Here you will find the perfect yoga guide for beginners .

5. Cooking, to pamper yourself

Stress Relieving Activities,cooking

Cooking is an act of love. You can do it first of all for yourself and then possibly for the people around you. Taking time for your nutrition is a small step to take care of yourself: you don't have to be a great chef, simple recipes are enough to create tasty dishes.

Dedicate those 20/30 minutes a day to prepare healthy dishes: do not go overboard with ready meals or with food delivery services, they are comfortable, it is true, but cooking is also good for the soul.

They might seem trivial advice, yet the smartphone often steals our time to stop and reflect on these little things.

These are just a few activities you can do to overcome hyper-connection stress, what are you waiting for? In the next few days go for a few hours in offline mode .

6. Paint

Stress Relieving Activities,painting

Psychologists have found that painting pictures for 2 or 3 minutes during periods of high stress increases the likelihood of completing tasks in the allotted time 5 times. That is, it not only helps to overcome stress, but also to give an account of what we need and, who knows, to make a masterpiece.

To save energy, massage the part under your nose for 30 seconds, between the eyebrows, below the lower lip or in the center of the palm.

8. Eat ice cream

Eating ice cream is another fun stress relieving activity.

Food is always a great anti-stress. Fish is very efficient, as it contains omega 3, very useful for the nervous system. If you don't want to eat fish, ice cream or bananas are also great. No medicine, eat an ice cream that always helps. But, of course, don't discount the tension in the food.

9. Dance

if standing still is not your style, try dancing to relax . Dance, whatever it is, puts the body in motion and relieves the tension of the days. So move the furniture out of the room, drop the body, put on your favorite playlist and play!

If you have more people at home, get the residents together for a small family party. With more free time, you can risk learning a new choreography or discovering new rhythms. What's more, dancing burns a lot of calories and counts as physical exercise!

10. Read a good book

Imagine sitting comfortably in the shade of a tree, the chirping of birds in your ears and a good book in your hand. The weather does not lend itself to it? No problem, get warm under a blanket with your favorite hot drink. 

Reading is a pleasant moment of relaxation and escape which you can indulge in all year long.

11. Enjoy the sun

I don't think I can teach you anything by telling you that the sun is good for your morale . Without knowing the scientific explanations, you must have seen it for yourself.

So do not deprive yourself of it and savor the anti-stress and invigorating effect of the sun. Do not forget to protect your skin: the light rays are pleasant to the morale, but dangerous for the epidermis.

12. Listening to music

Listening to music has this fabulous power to influence our emotions. Some songs make you smile, others want to dance. Some bring back memories and bring tears to the eye, others soothe in seconds.

If you don't know what to listen to, you will find a large selection of playlists to relax on Deezer, Spotify and Youtube.

13. Lighting candles

The environment around us contributes to our well-being.

After a long day of work, lighting candles is enough to instantly instill a soothing and zen atmosphere in a room.

Then grab your book of the moment and your favorite hot drink or settle down comfortably for a 
meditation session and you're ready for a good moment of relaxation.

You can add a few drops of real lavender, ylang-ylang or chamomile essential oil to the candle wax to increase the relaxing effect of this moment. Be careful when handling essential oils, these are very flammable.

14. Practice manual activity

Stress Relieving Activities,fun

What better way to unplug the head than using your hands?

Ideas for manual activities abound, and if you like to let your creativity speak, you are really spoiled 

for choice: gardening, embroidery, DIY, dancing, photography, music, drawing, painting…

It is essential for everyone to have hobbies. This relieves the pressure and frees our mind which is fully focused on an external and positive element.

15. Take a real lunch break

In the tumult of emails, meetings and files to be processed, we take the time to take a real lunch break .

This break is not a waste of time, but a cut necessary to recharge the batteries before resuming reinvigorated work. 

Moreover, several recent studies have shown that a frank lunch break promotes creativity and productivity, and reduces stress at work.

Tips for a relaxing lunch break:
  • 45 minutes minimum to breathe well.
  • Don't stay at his desk. In fine weather, we go out to eat outside on the terrace or in a park.
  • Telephone and computer prohibited : you really disconnect.
  • We enjoy our meal : we take the time to eat while savoring each bite!
  • We move : we walk, we stretch or we will play sports to break with the sedentary position imposed on our body during this morning of work.
  • We practice a relaxing activity : mediation session, reading or sports session, nature walk, etc.
16. Disable notifications

It would be a shame to interrupt a moment of relaxation with unsolicited external elements. So, we take this opportunity to disable notifications from the phone and move away from the screens.

Our attention is constantly sought by social networks, emails, notifications on the phone. We take a digital break here to better take advantage of the present moment and reduce everyday stress.

If you like the idea of fun stress relieving activities then share it.


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  8. Great post.Stress relieving activities should be given an important part in our life because all of us are involved with lots of activities/work in our life and we need break at some point of time.

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