What are the Pros & Cons of Botox?

What are the Pros & Cons of Botox

In fact, the famous Botox we know is nothing more than the brand that was registered in the United States so that Botulinum Toxin Type A could be used in aesthetics; that is why it is so common to see the name of the product written in capital letters. This toxin is extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinium . The Botox was created using purified form of this toxin, which allows it to be applied in small amounts without causing absolutely no damage to the health of the patient.

The benefits of Botox to your self-esteem go far beyond facial rejuvenation; Botox can also combat hyperhidrosis, which is the excess of sweat, through applications in the most affected areas, such as hands and armpits, and even treating migraines, spasticity, sequels of facial paralysis, etc.


Another reason that makes Botox so dear, in addition to the results it provides, is its form of application : it is quick, minimal discomfort, and allows the patient to return to their duties immediately afterwards.

Dr. Eduardo explains how the application is: “it only takes 30 minutes for the toxin to be injected into the muscle through very fine micro needles; the process is practically painless because we use an efficient topical anesthetic; we recommend not doing physical activity on the day of the application, being as relaxed as possible, not massaging the treated area, and just laying your head down when you go to sleep at night ”.

The result appears gradually after 2 days and lasts around 5 to 6 months.

Very important: 
Botox well done provides a natural result! When the result appears artificial, exaggerated, it is because it was misapplied or poorly indicated. The distribution of application points is also essential, that is, it is not enough to inject randomly into the regions; each specific point will receive an adequate dose. “The line between a drooping eyelid (complication due to poor application) and a discreet and youthful lift of the eyebrows (desired effect, correct application) is very tenuous”, warns Dr. Lange.

The benefits of botox go far beyond the end of wrinkles

Botox is THE secret of stars. Fighting aging, stopping the harmful effects of passing time without spending time on billiards is the “botox miracle”. Nicole Kidman, Madona, Demi Moore and many others have succumbed to the siren song.

The Pros of Botox:

1.Blocked muscles… for smooth skin
At the origin of botox, we find a poison! Under the air of a “friend who wishes you well”, botox originates from the botulinum toxin which is secreted by a bacteria which can prove to be fatal. This toxin has the ability to block the contraction of muscles, the LA responsible for the formation of expression lines (crow's feet, lion and forehead lines). Magic !

2.Botox, ultra simple instructions

Botox injections last no more than ten minutes and are almost painless. They cause a sensation comparable to an insect bite. It's surmountable, even for the comforter that lies dormant in you! The effects are visible between 3 days and a week after a session. They last about 6 months and up to a year for people who have already received several injections beforehand.

3.The star makeover

Like Demi and Nicole who display faces of lolitas at the age of 50, (LINK = PHOTOS DEMI MOORE / KIDMAN), you too, made gravity and counteract the passage of time thanks to botox.

4. 10 years less without scalpel for high morale
injections are a great alternative to facelift, an expensive surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia and leaves scars. With your cheeks plump and your skin taut, you look younger and feel better about yourself.

5.Discretion guaranteed

Your entourage will not notice anything. You can return to work the day after the intervention. Neither seen nor known.

The Cons of Botox:

1.A face with frozen expressions:

By preventing the muscles from contracting, the injections modify facial expressions, a problem that Nicole Kidman was confronted with her Madonna face… completely devoid of expression. A shame for an actress!

2. A salty "addiction":

Repeated injections may cause the tissue to sag. To resort to this problem, patients are tempted to use botox again. It is the snake that bites its tail. And with sessions ranging in price from 300 to 700 euros, pay your addiction!

3. Adverse effects and missed injections:

Even if they are rare, temporary side effects exist (bruising, swelling, bruising, headache). There may also be "missed injections". An awkward gesture on the part of the practitioner, an imperfect dosage, the toxin which moves and it is the risk of a drooping of the eyelids.

4. An act that is not trivial:

This is why one should not joke with botox. The injections require a lot of care and a perfect dosage.

Some basic rules to adopt:

Do not be tempted by overly attractive pricing proposals.
Take the time to think about it,only plastic surgeons, dermatologists, face and neck and maxillofacial specialists are authorized to give botox injections. So we forget the shamans, marabouts, house injections and other DIY tutorials gleaned from Youtube. Promised?
The right reflex? Systematically consult the website of the National Order of Physicians

Insufficient setback

Botox was used for aesthetic purposes from 2002. 12 years later, no one can claim to have enough perspective to guarantee the 100% harmless nature of these treatments in the long term.
If you are thinking to try Botox, you should first  speak to your healthcare provider about the safety and risks factors

Botox Cost:

Botox cost is actually priced per unit and per unit costs is about $10 to $15 so  If you receive up to 20 units in your forehead, you could be looking at a total of about $200 to $300 for treatment of horizontal forehead lines


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  2. I am just surprised how many men and women are falling prey to Botox without realizing the pros and cons. There are barely any pros to it to be honest. to each its own i guess.


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